Monday, January 30, 2012

Pure Bred Dogs

In the year 3021 mankind makes it's first contact with alien life. Much like a Steven Spielberg film we are unable to communicate with this extraterrestrial species and,unlike the film, not even with the aid of music can we converse with these heavenly beings.

Mankind is no stranger to vanity. We lance our faces with metal and plastic, fill our breasts with silicon and we break the bones of our skulls in order to reshape it into something considered 'beautiful' by the masses. So, therefore, who are we to judge the bizarre cosmetic fetishes of these outlanders?

These collectors of homo sapiens soon decided who they desired and who would become genetic outcasts. They did not desire, what we would consider to be 'purebred' but rather those with certain ailments; disfigurements you might say.

For instance, they bred mountain peoples for their running capability, but failed to realize that such high levels of testosterone would become problematic to the female portion of that society. Soon, the females became incapable of reproduction and the women had to be artificially inseminated and pumped full of hormones, in order to keep up with the demand for mountain humans. The people of the hills don't usually suffer from such ailments but our space brothers have bred them to become the inferior humans that they are today.

Our space invaders also had a certain fascination with tiny humans, for their children to play with. Normally, these humans would be considered Dwarfs, a medical condition that can make life very difficult. But, the aliens insisted that people be bred with dwarfism, in their genetic coding. Unfortunately, most of these dwarfs don't make it past the age of 30, because of their intergalactic breeding.

Most of the 'outcast' human society abhors this alien behavior but for others it is a sign of 'good breeding' and a sign of excellent social standing within the alien community.

I cannot judge these travelers for their deeds because I have been told that the human race has treated those, that we felt were 'beneath' us, no better than we are being treated today.

I saw a small dog on the road the other day. It was grey, had a beard and almost no tail to speak of. A passer by told me that such a breed has never truly existed in nature but was a creation of mankind and it is a miracle that that breed is still alive today. I wonder if that mustacheod hound wonders what I was thinking when I cut off its tail?

-This has been a work of fiction-