Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Insignificant Other

In the age of frenemies, fuck buddies and mutual understandings there arises a new relational juxtaposition. The Insignificant Other. For years, humans have been invited to social gatherings and were encouraged to bring their, "significant others". These significant others were people in their lives that meant something to each other. They were willing to give their "relationship" a title. They were committed to one another, boyfriend or girlfriend, fiance, husband, wife or even a best friend. For some reason society is now afraid of commitment and titles. Perhaps those things just carry too much weight. We've all been burned before. The current percent of failed marriages in America is 50%. Perhaps, we are afraid of failure? Well, America, it's time to put on your big girl panties. Life is hard and failure is inevitable. At some point in time, in any of our lives; we will fail at something. But, more often than not, life and relationships are worth the risk and if someone in your life isn't even willing to take a chance on you then they aren't worth your time. If they refuse to go to social gatherings with you or, on an even more insignificant realm, be in a relationship with you in a digital format such as facebook; this person might be your insignificant other. Don't be insignificant. Be significant.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Target Is The Opiate Of The Masses...Or At Least It's The Supplier

Walter White, er, I mean TARGET has apparently turned into Scar face. Basically, it's cyclical. You want to shop at Target because their stuff is adorable but it's kinda pricey. You need a coupon. The only way to obtain coupons is through prescription drug refills, at the Target pharmacy. In order to get more coupons, you need to be sicker to get more refills or you need to get hooked on something. The more drugs you get, the more coupons you get for t-shirts with cute owls on them, that will probably fall apart in the washer a week later...success.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Amateur Photography, You're Doing It Wrong

This is directed at no one in particular but, with that being said; you know who you are. As a musician and human being I've worked with a lot of photographers. Some were good and some were terrible. The difference is this. Owning a good camera does not make you an artist. A true artist does not show up to a gig and say, "Ok guys, what do you want me to do here?" And then on top of that have NO ideas of there own, to speak of. I'm not talking about just getting input or feedback I'm talking about not having a clue. I just highly doubt that photographers for Victoria's Secret or Playboy show up and then proceed to ask the dumb-ass models, "Ok models, what do you want me to do? Any ideas? I hope you guys brought stuff for the set." The same could be said for a National Geographic photographer. "Ok, whales, start doing some whale stuff because I am fresh out of ideas." And then proceed to ask the whales if, "That's what they were going for." Side note. Whales are ALWAYS concerned about their fins looking too big; such divas, but I digress. Look I'm not asking for Annie Leibovitz here. I'm just tired of playing photographer and model on these shoots. If that's how it's gonna be how about you hand me the camera, go get some lunch, and you will save a lot of time and I will save a lot of money.