Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Family Place

I work at a music store and people are always thanking us for being a "family place" run by a "family". It is confusing to me that the word 'family' has become synonymous with the words wholesome and trustworthy.

 This leads me to believe that the words 'single' or 'couple' must be synonymous with untrustworthy and a-morality. It is as if no family has ever committed a crime? Um, I can think of a few namely Cosa Nostra, the Yukuza, the Rosenbergs, American polygamist cults, the Oneida cult. Come to think of it, I now feel less safe at a "family" establishment because families will die for each other and a secret. People who aren't related will rat each other out.

I think I will continue to live my untrustworthy and amoral life style...seems safer.