Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Time Lords

Dr. Who is a time lord. Someone who has the ability to travel through time and even bend it to his or her own will. It can be difficult to spot a time lord because they could show up in any place at any time. There was a time before photographs, the written word and even language itself; but as long as there has been man there has been art. Visual art and song both pre-date the written word and the spoken. So, in order to accurately spot a time lord one must look to art. This is the language of the ages. I recently traveled to my local art museum where I encountered many a time lord. I encountered an ancient Jamie Fox Buda sculpture from India (photo to come). I also stumbled upon Edward Norton in an oil painting as a 17th century British milk maid (photo to follow). But what I am about to show you will make you question everything you know about the space time continuum. Exhibit A:
15th century oil on canvas of a music festival; innocent enough but upon further inspection we find... Exhibit B:
Look me in the eye ball and tell me that is not an ancient Mac Book Pro=TIME LORD.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Fifty Shades of Blonde

I am all for sex equality and that goes both ways...sometimes 3...sometimes back and forth. Man, sex and gender are confusing these days. In any case, I have been noticing some gender inequality as of late and no I am not talking about contraceptives being back in the media as if it's the 1950's all over again. That is definitely sexism against women but today I am talking about our male cohorts. For some reason, it is perfectly ok for a woman to pick up "Fifty Shades of Grey" in any Target and read it at said Target or the grocery store, a library, a church, a doctor's office, on a plane, on a train or in a coffee shop. Whew, I almost Dr. Seuss-ed myself there; that was a close one. This book is literary smut. Let me qualify that statement by saying I definitely don't judge anyone for reading it; that's not the point I'm trying to make here but what I am trying to say is this: Why can't a man read a playboy in public? Why can't he buy them at Target or check out the latest issue at his local library? Why is he made to feel like some sex offender for buying one? I understand that it is a lot easier for a kid to see the pictures in a playboy than to read a novel at a newsstand but either way kids are gonna see/read about sex and honestly a Play Boy is a lot classier than 99% of pictures and videos out there on the inter-webs. And yes, your kids are on the internet looking at naked people. Deal with it. I actually think it's pretty funny and quite possibly great that women have romance novels and movies like "Magic Mike". Women can finally be proud of their sexuality and celebrate their desires in a healthy way. I think we should offer those same rights to men and not make them feel like predators...lest they become as such. I for one will keep my copy of "Fifty Shades of Grey" right where it belongs, next to my husbands Playboy collection.