Monday, February 22, 2010

Snakes on a Tire

So, I went to Discount Tires today to get my tires fixed. They had nails and screws in them, apparently. But, that was not the odd part of my little outing. While discussing my tire woes with a Discount Tire sales associate, I noticed another customer standing in line with a baby boa constrictor wrapped around his heavily tattooed arm. At first glance, I envisioned this assailant holding up the Discount Tire at snake point but then I quickly realized that was foolish and that this man with a reptile was simply in need of some tire assistance. My salesman was so flabergasted by this occurrence that he openly laughed at the snake man right in his unassuming face. My sales associate wasn't being rude because he didn't have time to even think about being rude. He was in shock and just reacted on raw adrenaline. He later confessed to me that he is terrified of snakes.

I have absolutely no idea why anyone would consciously bring a pet snake with them to a tire shop or any place, other than a vet or the set of an Indiana Jones movie. However, this got me to thinking. Are there leash laws for snakes like there are for dogs? If a snake bites a pedestrian does that snake have to wear a tiny snake muzzle when out and about with its person? Is a snake owner forced by law to pick up the snake poop that it leaves at city parks? Can I have my snake neutered? Can I have a seeing-eye-snake? The questions still remain but I'm happy that I wasn't robbed at snake point in a Discount Tires.


  1. Cobra commander is wearing a type of muzzle right now.

  2. Cobra Commander has been very, very bad ;)