Monday, September 3, 2012

Amateur Photography, You're Doing It Wrong

This is directed at no one in particular but, with that being said; you know who you are. As a musician and human being I've worked with a lot of photographers. Some were good and some were terrible. The difference is this. Owning a good camera does not make you an artist. A true artist does not show up to a gig and say, "Ok guys, what do you want me to do here?" And then on top of that have NO ideas of there own, to speak of. I'm not talking about just getting input or feedback I'm talking about not having a clue. I just highly doubt that photographers for Victoria's Secret or Playboy show up and then proceed to ask the dumb-ass models, "Ok models, what do you want me to do? Any ideas? I hope you guys brought stuff for the set." The same could be said for a National Geographic photographer. "Ok, whales, start doing some whale stuff because I am fresh out of ideas." And then proceed to ask the whales if, "That's what they were going for." Side note. Whales are ALWAYS concerned about their fins looking too big; such divas, but I digress. Look I'm not asking for Annie Leibovitz here. I'm just tired of playing photographer and model on these shoots. If that's how it's gonna be how about you hand me the camera, go get some lunch, and you will save a lot of time and I will save a lot of money.

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