Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Thanks Obama

A while ago, I read a book entitled Mistakes Were Made (But Not by Me) and it reminded me of an interesting and sadly, true story of fear, questionable politics and white-trashery.

Several years ago I visited the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. and per usual, for D.C., the traffic was terrible, couldn't find parking and arrived at the zoo way later than originally intended. Later in the day, around dusk, the zoo was starting to close, many of the animals were being led into enclosures or were seeking night time refuge of their own volition.

During this time, I was at one of the outside monkey exhibits when I noticed a middle aged man dressed in fatigues, t-shirt, trucker hat and a huge set of binoculars. This man was joined by his 12 year old son, wearing similar attire to that of his father. For the above mentioned reasons, no monkeys were to be found thru the brush of their enclosure. The young boy was thoroughly disappointed until his father enlightened him to the fact that this monkey absence was simply due to Obama. According to this gentleman, Obama took away many of the zoo animals for federal funding deficits and sold them to China, probably on the black market, for profit. The son ponders this and then suddenly, "Look dad! I can see one!" At this joyous monkey sighting, the father quickly interjects, "Nah, that's just an animatron. Obama doesn't want you to see real animals. He keeps them all in his personal zoo paid for by the hard working tax payers. Steals our money and our monkeys, son."

Just like dusk at the national zoo, we are now facing the twilight hours of Obama's presidency. How will we remember him? How will we CHOOSE to remember him? Only history will tell but we must be open to accept that. It's difficult to admit that you were wrong or held false beliefs. You might think that people will never trust or respect you again for admitting your faults but the reality is, we don't trust or respect you because you believe that Obama is secretly hording monkeys somewhere in the White House for personal gain. I truly respect the person who can stand up and say, "Oops!". But maybe I am the one who is in the wrong? Maybe Obama was always, secretly behind the "animatrons" at Chuck E. Cheeses...he didn't want the kids to have REAL banjo playing bears at their hard earned pizza parties.


  1. It looks good, I like your approach comparing your life with books. I have firm belief that fantasies have some reality in back ground. Thank you for sharing this post with us


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