Friday, September 3, 2010

A Rabbi, A Priest and a Scientist Walk into a Bar...

...and nothing gets accomplished. There is a commercial out right now that states "science is infallible" which is true if only you subtract the human element from the equation. Let me explain. I was proposed to at a museum during a dinosaur exhibit (I know we are nerds) and literally every exhibit stated that the way these bones were fit together were incorrect. These "scientists" wanted their dinosaurs to look a certain way and thus fabricated the monsters that they desired. Only modern day scientists have discovered this grievance. It was once (a few weeks ago) "fact" that early man hunted the mastodon into extinction. Scientists now believe that it was a massive and sudden climate change that did the mastodon in. My mother told me that when she was in nursing school (late seventies early eighties) that her text book said that babies "evolved" in the womb; that they literally went thru all the stages of evolution in the womb. She told me that the man who wrote this was later arrested by the scientific community but that that book had been "fact" for many years.

What I love about God is the fact that I can't "prove" that He exists. Science thinks that it can "prove" things but as long as humans tamper with evidence and refuse to disclose certain truths there will never be a "definite" anything in this universe. Don't get me wrong many religious leaders would argue that their brand of religion is, in fact, definitive but just like science humans turn something pure and infallible into something tarnished and very fallible. I don't claim that my beliefs are infallible because I am the human element at work but as usual I do like to think that I am probably right (because I always am;)

Right now it looks like I can't get anyone to marry me and my fiance because Andrew isn't spiritual enough for my Baptist minister. My other option is a female minister but the Presbyterian church we are getting married at won't let her in the door because she is a lesbian and I can't get married by Andrew's Catholic priest because I am not Catholic. All of this rigamarole because all of these organizations think that they have the definitive answer. Me and Andrew don't fit into any of these equations because we don't fit their definitive molds of religion. This is a difficult time for me, Andrew and our faith but I just have to remember that it is the human element at play here. God knows us and our hearts. Maybe if a Rabbi, a Priest and a scientist actually sat down at a bar the end result wouldn't be a joke but a miracle; something beautiful.

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