Monday, October 18, 2010

Full Circle

So, I have discovered that when attaching the word "wedding" to literally anything you immediately jack up the price of said item by at least ten fold. Let me elaborate.

Me:"So if I want to rent this field I will need to make an initial down payment to hold the reservation, right?"
Event Coordinator:"Yes, that's correct."
Me:"But, it's just a field?"
Me:"So I have to pay you to rent a random field?"
EC:"Yes, and no it's not random, it's made for weddings and other life changing events."
Me:"You can make a field...are you God?"
EC:"Yes, you can and no I'm not."
Me:"How much for the field?"
EC:"$500 per hour."
Me:"For a field?"

In conclusion, I have decided to start renting out random spots in and around San Antonio, in order to pay for my wedding field. Renting fields, in order to pay for a that's full circle!

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