Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This cake calls for 50 tablespoons of butter

I really wish that people would STOP saying their childrens' ages in months, once they have passed the year mark. Your child will not stay a baby if you continue to think of his age in months. It won't make him any younger. It will only make you look dumber. Your child is not 26 months old. He is 2. Your child is not 14 months old. He is a year. This is how we deal with time people. Once you make it past 12 months you now have to start gauging things in years.

I would never say. "I live just 10,792 feet from you". No, that is dumb. I live about 2 miles from you. These gauges of time, distance and other measurements were put in place for a reason, so let's use them. Oh and guess what? I'm 27 years old NOT 324 months old. Obviously, I could give you a million different examples but I'll be nice...

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