Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Adult Supervision Required

Recently, I have been attending a spin class at my local gym. I love spin class because it is such a great work out and I hate spin class because it is such a good work out. We have the same instructor every week but yesterday that instructor was gone for some reason so we had a sub. The sub was fine except for one glaring mistake. She allowed us to "do whatever you want for this next song". You can't tell me to do whatever I want?! The instructor clearly meant that we can work at our own pace for that next song but when you use words like "do whatever you want" I am going to get off the bike, exit the room, walk down the hall, end at the snack machine, purchase ALL the Reese's Pieces that the machine has to offer and then proceed to eat all the Reese's Pieces. Do you know how many calories are in $20 worth of Reese's Pieces? A MONTH'S WORTH. That's how many calories are in 5 lbs. of Reese's Pieces. I didn't pay $3.50 for a class which offers that kind of freedom. I need adult supervision at all times people! I need someone yelling at me to pedal faster and who clearly states that I should NOT eat every thing in the snack machine. Speaking of which, why the hell are there snack machines in every gym that offer things like Snickers, Pop Tarts, Cheetos and Mountain Dew. When I look into these snack machines at a gym I think to myself, "Am I going for a run or am I about to get high?". Who the hell eats Pop Tarts pre/post work-out? Someone find me a gym that does not include Dr.Pepper, oatmeal cream sandwiches and gummy bears and I will find my 6 pack abs.

P.S. This drawing of the Hulk is adorable!!!! HULK SMASH SNACK MACHINE!!! HULK GO INTO DIABETIC COMA!!!!

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