Friday, October 9, 2015

One Critique to Rule Them All

I have recently developed a new way in which to judge films. I call it the "Nutty Professor to LOTR" rating system. For example, let's pretend you just watched the film 47 Ronin (which was terrible) you would rate this movie at 1 Nutty Professor on the scale of Nutty Professor to LOTR. If, say, you just got done viewing The King's Speech (which was excellent) you would give that movie 2 LOTR's for being brilliant. However, no film will ever be awarded 4 LOTR other than the actual Lord of the Rings trilogy (and maybe Star Wars-the other holy trinity). Likewise, no film can be as bad as the actual Nutty Professor so ONLY the actual Nutty Professor can receive 4 Nutty Professors. The scale only goes to 4.

I think this will clear up a lot of movie reviews out there on the internet once my system has been put into practice.

Oh and your welcome.

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