Friday, October 29, 2010

Lean Cuisine Birthday

I am convinced that I can do whatever I want today because I had a Lean Cuisine for lunch.
List of Things I can do:
1.Eat my entire birthday cake by myself (birthdays are not for sharing)
2.Drink two bottles (thanks roomey) of wine by myself and then drink copious amounts of beer at Wurstfest.
3.Listen to all my birthday CD's at a full blast and all at the same time (Aaah yess, Phish, Muse and the True Blood soundtrack together at last!)
4.Make an ass out of myself at my friends Halloween party and throw up listed items 1 and 2 all over the seven-layer Halloween dip...yum!
5.Leave (get kicked out of) my friends Halloween party and then get into a highspeed chase with the law because I am a drunk driver.
6.Take the chase to Mexico, where the cops loose me.
7.Become the new Mexican drug lord, in which my new kingpin name will be Doña Loca Cumpleaños.

That's a hell of a birthday...thanks for making it all possible Lean Cuisine! Or should I say, Gracias!

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