Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Zumba Bros

During the vetting process of new trends I often ask myself, "Do men participate?" Always ask yourself this question. Men are very pragmatic and so are feminists like myself. If men (on average) don't participate in a fad it's probably because the trend costs money or is just dumb and unnecessary to life, in general. Here are some examples of supposedly gender neutral trends:

Juice Cleanse: Dudes do not juice cleanse
Detox Diets: Dudes do not detox
Facials: Dudes DO facials but it has a totally different meaning to them
SnapChat: Exception, Justin Bieber who is a douche (his own personal category)
Astrology: Dudes don't need the stars to tell them that they are gonna play Xbox all day, mystery solved.
Zumba: Men probably enjoy watching Zumba but not participating

There are always exceptions to this rule. Gay men and men trying to please the girlfriend/wife. These men don't count. Not to take away their personage but for the purposes of this study they count as either lemmings or a unique category unto themselves.

Can you think of any other gender neutral activities or fads that men do NOT participate in? Let me know so that I can continue this groundbreaking study.

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