Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Bowling Controversy

I'm not good at Pinterest. Pinterest is for women which is fine because I am a woman but apparently I am not very womanLY.

Pinterest has a search bar so that you can type in certain activities or items and then add them to your personalized boards. Most women search for things like vegan cupcakes, natural soap recipes, gardening, how to discipline children with love, kittens, a Bible verse a day and makeup.

I search for things like the word FUCK, science, items that say "bitch", guitars and skulls. Recently, I searched the word, "bowling", a somewhat male dominated sport? I am using the word "sport" pretty loosely here, by the way. Also, I've never met another woman who owned her own bowling ball so I guess bowling is a dudes thing? I really don't know. I was under the impression that bowling was an equal opportunity leisure activity. I thought most Americans (male or female) were aware of bowling and what bowling is. Any small town or big city in the United States has to have at least one bowling alley (probably in the constitution). However, no one has told Pinterest what exactly bowling is or how it works.

According to Pinterest bowling is some sort of pastry based appetizer with a marinara dipping sauce served at Super"bowl" parties. Just to make sure, that Pinterest simply wasn't ant-bowling, I also did a Google search to see what came up when I searched the word "bowling". Here are my findings.

According to Google bowling is bowling. It's also interesting to note that if you search the word "porn" into Pinterest, you get this.

Again, Pinterest's definition of the word "porn" is "jalapeno popper chicken flautas". To be fair, the flautas are kind of penis shaped? I'm not sexually attracted to flautas but I could be "flauta-curious". I would never judge. Whatever floats your flauta. 

What I am trying to say here is that Pinterest is blatantly sexist. Pinterest can't even pretend to know what "porn" or "sports" are or why they exist. Anything resembling masculinity is outside the realm of searchable possibilities for Pinterest. Of course, non of this matters, unless you are a man or me but then again men don't have Pinterest boards and I am starting to question why I have one. Oh wait, SHOES! (bowling shoes)


  1. Loved the post! Although we have never met and I am woman, (physically and for identification purposes only) I DO own a bowling ball-with my name engraved on it! The odd thing is that I very rarely bowl and my moniker dopelganger parted with her bowling ball at a yard sale, in another city, to a friend, who is male, who then shared it with me. I am a having a crisis of gender I guess.

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