Friday, May 6, 2016

The Deadliest of Sins

First there was "bunny ears" then there was "planking" and now I offer for your consideration "slothing". The first photo is of me "slothing"(patent pending) in Virginia and the second was me "slothing" it up in Romania. I need to "sloth" my way across the world. The ultimate would be for me to "sloth" in Costa Rica right next to an actual sloth "slothing" about.

Will you be part of my revolution? If you "sloth" anywhere take a pic and send it to me. But, beware, that picture will probably end up on this blog. The world right now is full of "actual" political, religious and environmental revolutions but the "sloth" revolution is for all peoples, everywhere. If you see something that you could hang from (preferably a tree) then hang from it. This is why I can't accomplish anything important. I am too busy hanging from trees and shit.

Side note: I lost my phone in Romania....can't imagine how...probably a "slothing" related incident. So, learn from my mistakes and make sure that all valuables are properly secured before attempting to "sloth". Pregnant women, smokers and those taking certain medications must discuss "slothing" with their doctors before practicing this life style. Always be sure to check the load bearing capabilities of your branch before going into a full "sloth". Lastly, if you call my phone don't be surprised when an old gypsy woman answers it and puts a curse on you. These are the hazards of "slothing", or you know, being totally irresponsible.


  1. Lmao! This is really refreshing...Im already part of the revolution but i wish i could hang on the branch longer.

    1. Ya dude, gotta work on that core strength!

  2. Yeeeeeaah.
    Slow slow slow down.
    Thx (:

    Toby, Ideals.

  3. Please add more slothing photos soon. Thank you b