Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Closures Part Deux

Quick update on my Driver's License situation. I went to the DMV (AGAIN) today to have my last name changed to my new married name and to get my new address on the ID as well. Well, everything went fine. A little too fine. Suspiciously fine? When I got all the way back home I looked at my receipt and realized that they put down an incorrect birthday for me??!! So, I call the DMV to try to get them to change this info before it gets sent to the capital. Of course, the lady on the phone tells me that I have to drive back down there to prove my actual birth date. Now, why do this? I brought them all these same documents the first time and clearly they didn't look at them. So why do this again? Well, I did it anyways and supposedly it is now fixed. However the real surprise will come in 2 weeks when I get the hard copy of my new license in the mail. Who knows what will be on it! NORFOLK DMV on WIGDEON RD IS THE WORST DMV EVEEEEEER!!!!! Can you taste my rage? It's palpable.

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