Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Money Ball

Brad Pitt, I'm sure that you are a good actor. I'm sure that you love what you do but I just can't take you seriously. You are just too good looking. Sorry.

Really, a baseball manager? The whole time I'm thinking, why isn't this guy a super model or a movie star...ruins the whole movie

Really, an upstart entrepreneur for a local fight club for losers? Nope, super model.

Really, a detective risking his life to find the Seven killer? You should be risking your liver functions from too many Mai Tais from a run-way show after party in Miami.

Really, a big time thief in the Ocean's movies? Seriously, you couldn't find work as a model? Had to resort to stealing? I don't buy it.

The only movie I could ever take you seriously in was Troy because you played a Greek Demi-God. (WHICH IS WHAT YOU ARE!!)

For a more comprehensive list of movies that Brad Pitt has ruined please refer to

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