Friday, September 23, 2011


Ok so everyone is complaining about the make over that facebook recently underwent. I'm not a big fan of plastic surgery but since facebook is going that route whether we like it or not here are my suggestions for their next nip and or tuck.

1. You can have people listed as either "friends" or "family" in your side bar but I have a few more categories I would like to add such as "Enemies" You know you have them and that you are currently stalking them on facebook to make sure that your life is better than theirs so that you can life or whatever.

2. "People who added me but I have no idea who they are" ok this is your fault for accepting their friend request but hey we all have one of two of these lying around our facebook cyber home.

3. Instead of sending out only "friend requests" how about "enemy requests" you know to go with your "enemies" listing. It cuts right to the chase! Let's be nemesis and stalk each other with out the guise of "friendship" weighing us down.

4. I would like to be able to type in a topic into the search bar and search my friends/enemies comments that way. Instead of the crap shoot gamble of having to hear about my cousins stupid baby, what my hippy friend had for dinner last night or my enemy getting his master's degree (what a tool).

Ex. I could type in "gigs" and only posts in reference to upcoming performances would come up. Or "wedding" and find out whose getting hitched or "Glee fan" so I can find out who my next enemy will be! But these are only suggestions to get you going.

5. Languages. Pirate is lame people, get over it. I want to set my language to Kardashian or Demon...oh wait those are the same thing, whatever you get my drift. Under Demon, instead stating the word "Comments" it would state "Bard songs of vanquished foes" ....awesome.

Also, feel free to thank me anytime Tom for these incredible changes. Your welcome.

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