Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Business Etiquette

Last week I was privy to an interesting business phone call by a passenger sitting behind me on a Greyhound bus. This conversation lasted the entirety of a ten hour bus ride. The caller in question was a 6' 4" african american woman, and I use the term 'woman' loosely here. She received numerous phone calls from gentlemen wanting to know her specs in relation to her photo, i.e. how tall she was, bust size, hair color, weight, age and if she was a woman how long she had been a woman. From what I could gather, she has been a woman for about 5 years now. The callers also wanted to know where they could meet her and if it was cool to bring other guys to their rendezvous. This dame was also wearing a mini skirt, tube top and stripper heels for a ten hour bus ride. Doesn't sound comfortable to me but then again she is probably way more professional than me. You gotta dress to impress.

But by far, the best part of this trip was the rent-a-cop at the bus terminal wearing aviator sunglasses, at night and INSIDE the bus terminal. I felt a lot safer at that moment.

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