Thursday, July 25, 2013

Let's Endorse this Endorsement!

I don't understand advertisements/endorsements for high-end designers? No amount of advertising will get the average populace to buy a $5,000 evening gown. Problem no.1 normal people don't wear gowns other than their wedding day (and sometimes not even then) and problem no. 2 even if we did wear gowns we would buy them ironically from goodwill to wear to our ironic events such as: special screening of The Wedding Singer at our local dinner/theatre joint located next to a chuck e. cheeses.

Wow, Scarlett Johansen is wearing Prada?! I should wear Prada! Wait, where do they sell Prada? Not at Target; not at the mall, whelp I'm all tapped out then. Wait, a Prada bag is $4,500?! I will never make that much disposable income in MY LIFE. 

And no they don't need to advertise to the rich either because the rich only shop by dollar signs. If they see that something is expensive they will buy it. period. (That was 3 periods in a row, if you didn't notice) 

1 comment:

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