Saturday, June 7, 2014

Father Daughter Macarena

Mother, son dances don't exist because they are creepy. Why do father, daughter dances exist. They are no less creepy than a mother, son dance. I thought the dance floor was the great equalizer? There is no race, no religion, no social hierarchy just dance. Was all the work of Kevin Bacon, Patrick Swayze and John Travolta for nothing?! They proved to us (thru their bell-bottomed moves) that anyone can dance and that we shouldn't have these exclusatory dances. Only fathers and daughters is just weird. I don't want to dance to Lady GaGa's "Disco Stick" with my dad. I don't want to dance to "My Eyes Adore You" with my dad.

There is no way that dad's came up with the idea of the Father, Daughter Dance either. This had to be the idea of some stage mom who takes way too many pictures of their child's (insert activity). Guys would never come up with an idea as lame as this. I highly doubt that dad's are sitting around thinking to themselves,"Man, I would much rather awkwardly dance to "Knock on Wood" with my daughter this weekend then watch the big (insert sporting event)." "I would much rather eat some store bought, cake and punch this weekend than drink beer and eat pizza with my friends." (Said no dad ever)

The father, daughter dance is just an excuse to take photos. So, just get all dressed up, go into the backyard and take some photos and save everyone the embarrassment of dancing to Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You" with your dad. No one wants to see that.

Keep in mind, you can dance with your dad and that is fine. But, if your child is exclusively dancing with her dad at an event that has a raffle for golf lessons and everyone is wearing crowns/tiaras then your child might be at a father, daughter dance.

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