Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

The majority of AWESOME ideas, floating around the universe right now, are mine. But, once in a great while, the torch is passed. I am not afraid to admit when I have been out done (which, sadly, is often). This is one of those great moments in our history when a true genius has risen to such great heights amongst us. A god amongst men. An idea so original and yet so simple.

Humanity has clear grand pianos (Thanks every pop band that sorta plays piano) which are totally pointless and probably sound like shit or more likely have an electric keyboard encased inside of a translucent grand shell (equally dumb). And yet, we can not use lucite to our advantage? For science?! I say thee nay! What else, in our lives, could be improved upon if they were only transparent. Perhaps our medical bills...(see what I did there?!) Politics, BOOM!

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