Monday, September 7, 2015

Life Is Too Short Not to Wear Crop Tops

In the late '90's crop tops were back in style. I think they were back from the 60's? Who knows? The crop top comes and goes as it pleases like a slutty Cheshire cat in the night.  Short sweater style tank tops, athletic wear crops and ripped up concert tees were the school uniform, at that time. I owned a few sweater and t-shirt style ones and I felt very grown up/badass while wearing my slightly shorter than normal blouse at the ripe old age of 15. Being 15 years old puts you on a very weird life cusp. You are not quite an adult, but you are most definitely not a child, either. Several adults in my life thought that the crop top was too revealing for teenage girls and had no place in Seventeen magazine whose main demographic was actually 13 year old girls. My crop top days were numbered.

Now, as an adult (I guess) this vertically challenged fashion statement is back! Finally, I am old enough to enjoy this sudden trend without fear of persecution! Wait! Now, I'm too old?!!!! Is 30 too old to bear a mid drift that has never born a child?  What was the right age? Did I miss it? How could that have happened? How can such a perennial fashion statement have such a small window of opportunity for the wearer? When CAN one wear a ripped tee? I believe the window is 2 years in college right before your last year and you get serious about your career and interviews and other grown up nonsense. Nothing says "professional business woman" quite like a torn, mid drift bearing, Radio Head shirt.

Life is too short not to wear crop tops. The window is too small, much like the blouse. (Do people say blouse? Pretty sure only my grandma says 'blouse') Show your weird belly button! Let me see those stretch marks! Wait, maybe not. Ok, who cares! Do WHAT YOU WANT! I don't know when belly buttons are age appropriate and I just don't care. I missed the window in college, didn't get enough time in high school and so, now I will let  my belly button be the star of the show! I wish I knew at 15 years old what I know now. But,then again, I have always known these truths. Be yourself, show some skin and curse whenever. The real difference is that no one can ground you and take away your phone privileges at 30. It's good to be 30, enjoy it.

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