Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Make-up Tips!

Can someone please explain to me why every make-up company still produces blue eye shadow? Blue eye shadow has always been tacky. It was never popular. This powder is only useful on prostitutes and Halloween costumes (most of which are prostitute costumes). I wanted to make one of those 'flow chart memes' but that sounded like work, so instead, I have compiled a list of individuals who can pull of this bold look, in any season! People who are allowed to wear blue eye shadow are as follows:
Tammy Faye Baker (or just anyone named 'Tammy' for that matter)
Tim Curry in Rocky Horror Picture Show
Betty Boop
The clown from Stephen King's 'It'
Everyones' grandmother
Paula Deen
Barbie Dolls
Dolly Parton (She can do NO wrong!)
People who are forced to work at Walgreens
The entire cast of Steel Magnolias

If you don't find your name on this very short list then you should not be wearing blue eye shadow. Hope this helps! Be on the look out for more beauty tips! Next in  this fun series: Contouring, Not Just for the Face!

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