Saturday, January 30, 2016

Horseketball and Other Terrible Ideas

Meme making mood today. Seriously though, this is a real fucking sport. It's called "skijoring" pronounced "ski yoring". Apparently, someone in Sweden thought to themselves, "Hmm, skiing down a cliff face in sub-zero temperatures at break-neck speeds just isn't dangerous enough, how can I make it more terrifying? I know! Let's add horses!"

This really causes one to stop and think for a moment. What other sports could benefit from the addition of horses? Horse hockey? Horseketball? Horsoccer (pretty sure that's polo)? I think I would vote for Horse Ultimate Frisbee or Ultimate Horsebee (We haven't decided on an official name yet). I challenge you (dear internet troll) to create an insignia for Ultimate Horsebee. I will get to work on the official rule book. Also, if the sport really takes off and we have to add a women's division (Women's Ultimate Horsebee) are the humans all women or the horses all women? Both? Mixed gender horses and human females? Feminism is hard sometimes you guys.  Have I mentioned that I don't know anything about sports? Or, is that painfully obvious?

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