Monday, April 18, 2016

Me Vs. Evil Dead: Update

There is a scene in the HBO show True Blood in which the heroin 'Sooki' travels to a hotel in Dallas, Texas and encounters another person who is telepathic just like her. Sooki always thought she was alone because she never met another person who shared her odd powers.

I know that I am not alone but I am also aware that people like me are the few cursed souls amongst the masses of #blessed and annoyingly normal people. My fellow bitches know who they are. I met one of these special people just a few days ago and this is our story.

While flying Ryanair, I found myself alone on the plane since I was one of the first people to board the aircraft. This happened because I paid an extra 4 euros for priority boarding (I'm rich bitch!). Sitting by myself, in my aisle seat, I noticed the male flight attendant standing over me and just staring and smiling down at me...for a long time. Finally, I look up and smile, then look back down and finally I look up, smile again and wave at him (I never know if international flight attendants speak English or not so sometimes non-verbal communication is best). At this last gesture, he finally speaks, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare but....(then he pulls down his high-neck, dress-shirt collar to reveal a similar scar to mine, located on a similar part of his body)...we have the same scar".

It's nice to know I have ties across the world with random flight attendants in Portugal. Blood may be thicker than water but scars are forever, no transfusions and no vampires can undo this type of bond. Object permanence bitches.

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