Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Borders book store recently announced that it would be closing all of it's stores. The company could not compete with the new digital media outlets and has now been left in the league of antiques with other heavy weights such as the record store, habadashery, and the space shuttle program. I don't know how I feel about this but it has made me wonder, what next? The post office is definitely on the list. Long lines, un-happy employees and no customer service. But, may I suggest another institution that should be committed to memory. The DMV. As Dessy Arnez would say,"Let me esplain", When "attempting" to change my name I brought my marriage license, passport and old driver's license to the DMV. The woman with 2-inch nails and a gold tooth told me that I needed to come back and show proof of residency. So I came back the next week with all the same materials + a voided check with my name and new residence on it. This was what the last agent told me to bring in, the new agent denied it.I was then told to bring in a statement that was mailed to my new address so I brought in a credit card statement and, of course, it wasn't good enough and apparently all agents have differing DMV rules? Anyways, I was then told that only bank statements could be used. So, I came back the next week with a bank statement and then I was told to go back to the bank and have it notarized?! Luckily, another gold toothed employee heard this debacle and let me slide with my un-notarized bank statement. I've made it! Right? Wrong! I then took a number and waited for an hour and a half only to discover that they would not issue me a new driver's license with my new name because my birth date was incorrect on my passport (thanks mom). I am now relegated to the fact that I will never successfully change my name until the DMV goes the way of Borders. At least at Borders I could get a double-tall latte unlike the DMV where I received a double-tall cup of bullshit.

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