Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fear Mongers

Fox news has long been viewed as...wait, this blog post isn't about Fox News? But, I thought it was about fear mongering? Why, yes it is about fear mongering but this post involves CNN...believe it or not.

I recently lived through an earthquake and hurricane and no my name is not Storm and I did not cause these events. I know your shocked but don't worry I'm still pretty powerful. Actually, you shouldn't be impressed at all, the hurricane was a category 1 storm when it hit Norfolk and the earthquake was a 5.7 magnitude. These are events that do require a certain degree of respect but definitely not the mass evacuations and hysteria that I had to witness.

I believe that CNN caused most of these antics. They offered us non-stop live coverage of our impending doom. I think this was a chance for them to take a day off from real reporting and actual work. I am sure the rest of the nation would have enjoyed at least SOME news that wasn't hurricane related but you know it's whatever. I had to watch video of the mayor of New Jersey yelling at people to get out of the state. Also, when actual scientists tried to play down the "disaster" on CNN the CNN anchor would try to divert the question or statement back to the "carnage" of this storm. The scare tactics worked. All over town windows were borded or taped up. Stores were closed. Home Depot ran out of sand bags and batteries. For very few people were these precautions actually necessary. I'm all for safety but these guys definitely over did it. I had people calling me genuinely worried for my safety because of these ridiculous news reports. This storm was definitely odd for this part of the country and even news worthy...but to take up 24 hours of news space on CNN AND every other news channel? BALDERDASH I SAY!! (As I wiggle my mustache and monocle)

Next time any kind of natural disaster hits just call me and I'll tell you what you REALLY need. Uno, flashlights, beer, tiny-baby Jesus and did I mention beer? Oh, yeah I did. Also, in retrospect, I really should have looted time.

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