Tuesday, August 19, 2014

You Are My Shaman Rick steves

Might not be blogging these next two weeks because I will be in Spain getting some'o that sweet strange and by "sweet strange" I mean, "an industrial size bucket of churros."

As always, Rick Steves will be my guide on this surrealist journey through jamon, tapas and hordes of euro trash. Leg one of my journey will be on the island of Ibiza where I will be partying with celebrities and by "celebrities" I mean, Steve Guttenberg. Is Steve Guttenberg even still alive? I will find out for you. Don't worry! Second leg will be Barcelona, where I will lose my mind in an endless Gaudi/Dali induced hypnosis. Third leg (how did I get three legs?...tripod joke?) will be the majestic Mardrid! I won't go to the bull ring but I do hope to see a ring of bulls, which is similar to Johnny Cash's ring of fire but with more beef.

Hasta luego mis amigos!

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