Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Attorney "at Murder She Wrote"

Few job titles require a qualifier but for some reason attorneys are one of those professions. Have you ever met an attorney who was not an attorney "at law". If he or she is not "at law" then what are they at? I see a dermatologist on a regular basis and he is not a doctor "at medicine" nor is my dentist a dentist "at dentistry". I consider myself to be a guitarist "at music" but I would assume the "at music" is understood. Maybe you no longer practice law and now you are just an attorney "at some times I like to solve crimes for fun" or attorney "at I never went to law school but I love to watch murder mysteries and try to guess who the killer is within the first 15 minutes of the show". I would call up my lawyer and ask him about this pressing question but he would charge me $100 an hour for an office visit and I don't want to bother him because he might be "at law" right now doing more important stuff; like solving fictional TV crimes.

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