Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Tooth Brush Has an End User Agreement

Remember phones? Like real phones. Ones that didn't have an LED screen, the internet and a children's game that involves birds being thrown at pig buildings?

We used to have land lines that plugged into to any home or office that had a phone line. You could use this phone with any phone company (and yes I am aware that the Bell company was a monopoly that the government had to break up) and you didn't have to buy the phone from the phone company.

Today we have to buy our phones from our phone company; we have to take our phones to our phone company to have it repaired and we can only use our phones with our personal phone companies. Seems like a monopoly or just plain illegal.

If I want to take my cell phone to another provider I have to "jail break"...JAIL BREAK my own phone that I legally purchased!!! Cell phones are the only technology that operates this way. Believe it or not I can take my Ford Mustang and do whatever the f*ck I want to it. I can paint racing stripes on it, hideous eyelashes on the headlights and if the car needs repairs I don't have to take it to Ford for repairs...I can take it anywhere!! I can modify the engine and Ford won't consider me a criminal like Verizon Wireless does because I wanted to take off those stupid factory apps about golf and nascar (my two favorite sports).

How do phone companies get away with this shit?!

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