Friday, April 18, 2014

Blondes Vs. Socioeconomic Inequalities!

Recently, I saw someone wearing a "Blondes vs. the World" t-shirt. Really? I didn't know that the "world" in it's entirety was against you? Your life must be so difficult with fair hair.

Why don't men ever wear this kind of blonde propaganda outerwear? Can you imagine a grown man wearing a shirt that read, "Blondes have more fun!!!" or "Eyes up here ladies". When did women get so full of themselves?

Instead of being against the whole world (not all of it deserves your unfounded wrath) let's point this blonde aggression towards something more sinister, shall we? How about, "Blondes against sub-Saharan HIV" or "Blondes vs. Racial Injustice" or "Blondes for Medical Research in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area".

I think I'm going to start screen printing my own t-shirts and selling them on Ebay. The shirts will read, "Brunettes have about as much fun as blondes and redheads. Sometimes we have more fun and other times we have less but it usually evens out." Another option will read, "Brunettes vs. Stupid T-Shirts". All proceeds will go towards medical research in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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