Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Diabetic Bow Tie

Mood rings are made of liquid crystal. It's the same stuff that is in your LCD TV or computer screen. I like the idea of mood rings. I can simply look to your ring and avoid a swift stabbing or strangling, by noticing the black band around your finger; I can see just how agitated you are at that very moment. I wish all my clothing items could be as telling as the mood ring. I would like to learn something about myself or someone else by simply looking at their clothing or jewelry.

The "Might Have a Mental Disorder Head Band" would be great for dates! If it turns red, that is one crazy bitch or if it turns blue there could be a diagnosis of depression.

What about the "Gastrointeritis Pant Suit"? If it's blue you've got stool but if it's red run for the head!!

The "Diabetic Bow Tie" just might be my favorite, though. It let's you know, as you eat, what foods are most likely to give you diabetes. But, then again, I'm pretty sure that if I'm dining at an establishment whose name is just an abbreviation that starts with a K and ends with a C I probably already have diabetes.

Not all inventions can be as great as the mood ring. The power to read one's mind and for only $.25 is pretty magical. I am fairly certain that the mood ring just might be the "One Ring" and was forged in Mount Doom by Sauron, himself. It does seem like an evil entity.

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