Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fixed Income

People keep using the term "fixed income" in reference to the elderly, as if it is a bad thing? Now, if you're fixed income is $100 a week then yes, this is a bad thing. But, people act as if a "fixed income" alone is a bad thing? What if your fixed income is $500,000 a year?! Cry me a river and sail down in it your golden yacht. Why is a fixed income a bad thing? I WISH I had a fixed income. Every month is a guessing game, as to, just how much money I made/ didn't make. What job did I lose? What job did I gain this month.

The elderly no longer have the opportunity to make any more money due to their fixed income but they also don't have the opportunity to make any less either. Now, don't get me wrong here. I am not trying to bash a sweet, little old lady over her social security checks. What I am bashing are phrases that don't make any sense. A fixed income is not necessarily a bad thing. Even if I do make more money next year it won't be enough to change my life style, go on vacation or put some extra cash into savings. I would be lucky, if I could super size my meal at McDonald's.

The bottom line is we ALL live on "fixed incomes", for the most part. Your job pays what it pays and most people don't get raises anymore, like they used to. Of course, you can climb the corporate ladder but once you get that higher paying job it just becomes your new fixed income.

I prefer "fixed" to "wildly oscillating income".

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