Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Biggest Problem with Full House Is the Hitler Youth

I loved Full House as a kid and by, "loved Full House", I mean was in love with John Stamos. The main fault of the show was not it's cheesy life lessons, happy go-lucky family dynamics or unrealistic hair trends (80's or not that was some incredible hair).

The genetics of the show just don't add up. John Stamos was cast as the uncle to these three Aryan nation looking little girls. In the show, John's sister was the girls' mother. We can only assume John's sister looked somewhat like Uncle Jesse. I envision some sort of Greek goddess. There is no way that a Greek Adonis gave birth to the freakin' Hitler Youth, on the show. These girls should have been swarthy, baklava lovin', little Grecians.

If you are a casting director, reading this, please get your genetics right. Also, if you are a casting director reading this, I have uploaded my resume, portfolio, head shots and the play bill from, "Angels Away" (My last onstage performance as "Angel #3"-no dialogue; I was 7).
"The performance was unforgettable" -my mom
"Hailed as a triumph in acting" -my dad
"Only made me want to puke twice" -my kid brother

P.S. ( Casting director) I can play Greek, Italian or Spanish but not Aryan nation.

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