Saturday, May 31, 2014

Time Lords and Alternate Titles

Every time I go to a museum I am on the look out for "time lords". I have written about this subject before but for those of you who missed that web log (I'm sure you have greeeaaat excuses) I will clue you in on what a time lord is. A time lord is someone who does not age and has the capability of traveling thru time and he or she will often show up in ancient artifacts or art, itself. I submit for your review exhibit A:

If you are familiar with South Park, it will be easy for you to see that this is clearly a portrait of Miss Chokes on Dick. I find this odd because not only is Miss Chokes on Dick a fictional cartoon character but apparently she is also a time lord. 

Exhibit B:

What happens in Fight Club stays in the Chrysler Museum of Art. Edward Norton is quite the lady and a very talented time lord, as well.

This next submission is highly spiritual Exhibit C:

Jamie Fox as the Buda. Jamie went from triple threat, singer, actor and dancer to truly enlightened being. Now, that's a hip time lord. 

The next submissions are what I like to call, "Alternate Titles". These artists are extremely talented and even ground breaking but let's face it. They suck at naming their precious artwork, so I have submitted to you, the reader, more accurate titles to these wonderful masterpieces of art history. 

Exhibit A: 

Title, "Nah, Girl Like This. Here Let Me Show You."
This guy has some sweet ancient game. Mackin' on that hot lady with his sweet pan pipe chops! No lady could resist.

Exhibit B:  

Title, "The Fuck You Say To Me?"
This master clearly saw the small yet significant nuances of human social interactions with his master work, "The Fuck You Say To Me?". 

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